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Jonathan's thoughts on the state of the art in software design.

KivaKit is a new vision for Java coding that makes development faster and easier.

  Introductory Articles on KivaKit

            The KivaKit Manifesto  

            Build a KivaKit Microservice in 5 minutes    

            KivaKit Repository Structure  

            Why Messaging is a Better Way to Report Status  

            InfoQ - Introducing the KivaKit Framework    

            Baeldung - Introducing KivaKit  

            KivaKit’s New Docker Build Environment    

            The KivaKit Microservices Framework in Depth    

            Visualizing KivaKit  

  KivaKit in Depth


            Applications - Command Line Parsing  

            Applications - Deployments  

            Building - Docker Build Environment  

            Component - Components and Settings  

            Component - Components and Interface Composition    

            Conversion - Converters  

            Conversion - KivaKit Type Converters  

            Core - Bit Diagrams

            Core - Concurrent State

            Core - Lazy Initialization

            Core - Extra Lazy Initialization  

            Core - Logging  

            Core - KivaKit Logging Isn’t Special  

            Core - Formatting and Template Expansions

            Core - Messaging  

            Core - Mixins  

            Core - Monads are Not Rocket Surgery - Part 1  

            Core - Monads are Not Rocket Surgery - Part 2  

            Core - Mixins - Multiple Inheritance in Java  

            Core - Resources  

            Core - Service Locator  

            Core - Validation  

            Core - Values - Why an Integer is Not a Count  

            Extensions - XML Streaming


            Microservices - AWS Lambda

            Microservices - Clustering

            Network - Core - Why a Host is Not a String  

  Thoughts About Software

            A poor man’s multiple-repository build system

            What’s after the cloud?

            The functional properties pattern

            Polymorphic final methods

            Mirror methods

            A (very) slightly simpler builder pattern

            Why project Loom will make Java a better cloud language than Go

            Constructors are evil (and how we could eliminate them)

  Key KivaKit article

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